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Winners of “Adopt A Cat Month Supplies Contest”

WinnersWe are very excited to announce the winners of our most recent contest in honor of “Adopt A Cat” month!

Gracey, from the Conservation Cub Club, had such a difficult time choosing a winner that she finally had to revert to using a randomizer! It was just too much pressure for a cat, even one as smart as Gracey. So help me congratulate the following friends:

1st Place: Greco Lia

  • Stella & Chewys Dinner for Cats Super Beefalicious
  • Stella & Chewys Dinner for Cats Yummy Lickin Salmon and Chicken
  • Imperial Cat Shape n Scratch Cat Scratcher

 2nd Place: Melissa Rogers

  • Stella & Chewys Dinner for Cats Chick Chick Chicken
  • Stella & Chewys Dinner for Cats Charming Chicken & Beef

3rd Place: Amanda Phillips

  • Imperial Cat Scratch n’ Shape Cat Scratcher

Congratulations to the winners! Please send me your mailing address by emailing it to: PetsWeekly(at)Gmail(dot)com and we will have those shipped out to you next week.

A special thanks to our sponsors, Stella & Chewys Pet Foods and Imperial Cats for donating these prizes. And purrs to Gracey from the Conservation Cub Club for selecting the winners from all of the excellent entries.

We will be doing many more contests all year.  Be sure you check this blog, the contest page, twitter and facebook to get the most recent contest news. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which always has at least one freebie in each issue.

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Adopt-A-Cat Month Supply Contest

Adopt A Cat is on a mission to convert feline-free-people into cat fanciers during Adopt-A-Cat Month. Help us create a long list of reasons why everyone should have a cat. Gracey, feline superstar at, will be our official judge.

You can enter here by leaving a comment, on the Tiniest Tiger’s blog by leaving a comment, or on Facebook’s PetsWeekly’s page by using their contest entry page, or on PetsWeekly’s Twitter Page by commenting.

Basically, you need to leave a comment.

How you choose to do that to make sure we notice it is up to you!  Gracey will be the official winner selector. She’ll be selecting winners based on originality and the most inspired responses.  You can read all about what she likes most on her blog.

Grand Prize: A selection of cat products
*One Stella & Chewy’s Dinner for Cats, Super Beef-A-Licious
*One Stella & Chewy’s Dinner for Cats, Yummy Lickin’ Salmon & Chicken
*One Scratch ‘n Shapes cat scratchers from Imperial Cat

Est. Value: $100.00

First Prize: Stella & Chewy’s Dinners for Cats
*One Stella & Chewy’s Dinner for Cats, Chick, Chick, Chicken
*One Stella & Chewy’s Dinner for Cats, Charming Chicken & Beef

Est. Value: $50.00

Second Prize: Imperial Cat Scratcher
*One Scratch ‘n Shapes cat scratchers from Imperial Cat

Est. Value: $25.00

Submission Period: June 22-28, 2011 12:00 MDT
Judging Starts: June29-30
Winners announced: July 1, 2011

View our Rules
Privacy Policy
The information provided will only be used for sending subscribers updates and announcements.

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Operation CCK9: Our Super Secret Mission

Bree is preparing for her mission

Bree is preparing for her mission

One of the best things about writing for the animal industry are the amazing adventures we get to embark upon. For the newest adventure, we’re enlisting the help of our readers to unravel what could either be a conspiracy theory of epic proportion or a pet-industry game changer – one that betters the lives of animals on a global level.

Welcome to Operation Covert Cat and K9. Or Operation: CCK9.

The File Jacket:

Operation CCK9 began for us about two weeks ago with a mysterious email…

A large corporation invited us to visit their underground lair and learn about a super secret new experiment that is in development for the pet market. They told us which flight to catch and what time to show up at the airport, and that is all we know.

This email not only piqued our curiosity, but triggered our patriotic sense of duty and we decided that we must rendezvous with our contacts at the appointed time. For the betterment of our country, of course. (Plus, it’s really hot here in Arizona, so it seems like a good time to leave.)

Your Mission: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to determine the Pack’s location and encourage our secret spy team (aka, “The Pack”) on their cloak and dagger adventure.

The Adventure:  We begin our super secret mission-journey this Wednesday and will be on the road for approximately 72 hours. However, we’ll begin posting clues about our journey as early as Tuesday.

Getting Updates:  Because it’s so secret that we don’t even know where we’ll go after reaching our destination, The Pack will be posting a series of clues on Facebook and Twitter. All of the posts relating to this mission will be tagged with a #CCK9 and/or #DogOnMission to keep it super secret.  To reply in this code, just place a #CCK9 after your post and be sure to tag us at @PetsWeekly. (You can also just leave us a comment here on our blog, but it won’t be nearly as fun. )

Brock, Bree and Cog meet secretly for the first time

Brock, Bree and the Cog meet to formulate the plan

The Pack:

The main “players” of this operation are still classified and will be disclosed on a need-to-know basis, but The Pack members of Operation CCK9  are now officially deployed and in play:

  • Briana: (aka, “Bree”) Bree will be navigating, narrating and directing The Pack on this journey. She’s a young, energetic pup but is largely unproven as a field agent. She was recruited into The Pack as a versatile hitter who doesn’t let anything (other than a treat) get in her way. While she has a history of switching allegiances mid-operation, particularly if there is a treat at stake, it’s The Pack’s hope that there will be no problems on this mission.
  • Brock:(aka, the Muscle)  Serious, confident and an Alpha pup in every sense of the word;  Brock has been recruited into The Pack as the Muscle. He will provide backup to Bree under the guise of her loyal, trustworthy brother. He was brought in for his expertise with cord-chewing, escaping undetected from any situation, and his ability to maneuver into tight places.
  • The Cog:  Kyra (aka, The Cog) is a street-smart, experienced, cool cat who was recruited into this operation specifically to watch over the two young siblings. Acting as the eyes and ears of the mission, she will use her veteran status and trick technology to oversee the operation from the safety of base camp.  As a trusted hero, we are confident she can handle any situation with the grace and uber-cool abilities of a feline superhero.
Brock camouflaged

Brock preparing his desert camouflage

Ground Rules:

  1. If you already know where we’ll be and why, please don’t spoil it for everyone else!
  2. If you think you know our final destination, you can email me your answer privately rather than post it on Facebook. If you’re correct and you’re the first to email, I’ll let you know when you can “announce” it on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you’ll all join us this week and help us uncover clues! We want everyone to have a good time and to interact with us a bit on our super secret mission. You may also get some critical information on the pet industry – we’ll have to see what we uncover and how much we’re allowed to divulge…

Thanks for being such a great pack member and for getting involved with our game! We hope it will be fun for everyone…

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Weird Searches

Today I was glancing through the search terms that brought people to my blog.  I do that once in awhile – it’s all part of the masterful marketing strategy we incorporate here at PetsWeekly. (And yes, I did mean for that to be funny.)

As most of you know, I sort of use this blogging arena to talk about whatever I want. Mostly, that means talking about animals. But, as I’m an Aquarius (code for “scattered-brained”), it often means that I cover a lot of other things as well – not all of them “themed” or “coded” correctly. So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at the top phrases that led people to my site this week:

what is mountain lion scary of,
toyota pets, chocolate wolf,
gray wolf footprint, mrsa
respiratory antibiotics for cats

Tonight I thought I would respond to each of these terms so people aren’t disappointed when they get here…

what is mountain lion scary of: What’s really scary is how this search phrase  led people to my blog. Scary of? Really? I think you mean, “What scares a mountain lion.” Or “fear, mountain lion, defense.” Regardless, the answer to that question “probably not you.”

Mountain lions (aka panther, cougar, ghost cat, puma, etc.) generally try to avoid humans. Mostly, they are very successful in doing this, but you always have that crazy cougar pouncing on some hikers head, or lazing around the desert-landscaped pool in the early morning hours waiting on your lap dog to stumble out the doggy door. It happens. Which is why it’s important to keep your pets in at night and to always check your yard for hidden dangers in the morning. If you find yourself face-to-nose with a cougar while doing this check, here are a few things you should do.

  1. Don’t run. That triggers a prey instinct in the cougar. Those of us who have pets understand the concept of a prey instinct. If you run, they will chase. And you don’t want a 150-lb cougar thinking you’re a giant feather toy.
  2. Make yourself scarier than the cat. Wave your arms and make a lot of noise (personally, I would wave my arms and make a lot of noise while I was slowly backing away). This might scare the cougar a little – but I have to tell you – it probably won’t.  Just do your best to appear threatening and intimidating to the cat. Again, if you have a domestic cat, you know this won’t always work.
  3. Throw something. If you have something in your hand, you can throw it in the mountain lion’s general direction. Don’t hit it. Also, do yourself a favor and don’t bend over to pick up a rock to throw – that just makes you look like easy prey (and it never works out well for guys in prison).
  4. Stay calm. Remaining calm is probably your best bet. A cell phone won’t hurt either and I’m sure there’s an app available that will scare cougars away.

Toyota pets: I was very pleased to see this term show up! Why?  Because it probably means they are traveling with their pets and that means they are seeking out some safe, responsible, yet luxurious pet-friendly vehicles that will last you a lifetime. Yes, I’m a big Toyota fan and while I like all of their vehicles (especially the eco-friendly Prius), I’m really in love with the Sienna that they let us drive around town. Toyota has a vehicle for any size pet. So, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly vehicle, check out this review on PetsWeekly and you’ll see WHY I love them so much!

chocolate wolf: Really? Is there a big market for chocolate wolves? If so, you can find a product from NylaBone that is called “chocolate wolf.”

But if you’re looking for chocolate candy shaped like a wolf, I actually located a set that looks like it would make a great gift for the werewolf  in your life.

If you’re talking about a chocolate-colored wolf, you’re probably thinking of a brown wolf (and you should probably just type that). While there really aren’t many “brown wolves” in the wild, there are a lot of hybrids and sub-species that fit that description.

gray wolf footprint: I think you mean “pawprint” not “footprint” and here is a picture of one if you need it. (Borrowed from Wikipedia Commons)

mrsa: First of all, this should be capitalized. (It’s an acronym, for goodness sake!). It stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and you don’t want it. This is a very contagious bacterial infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics.  If you really want to learn more about MRSA, you can read this post.

Respiratory antibiotics for cats: If your cat has a respiratory infection, please take it into the veterinarian instead of searching for a cure online.  Respiratory infections in felines are super tricky and could also be a sign of something far more complex (like Feline Rhinotracheitis virus or calicivirus).  On the other hand, it could also just be a kitty cold, and if that’s the case, you probably don’t want to treat with antibiotics (see MRSA).

That said, it’s worth the $50 to take your pet in for a quick check up. Most vets will begin with very conservative treatments, and you’ll get out of there for under $100. If you have pet insurance (a good idea), then it will be even less…

Well, I hope that helps to answer all of your questions for the week. Hopefully you can add some advice on chocolate wolves or how to frighten a cougar in the comments below. And who knows?  If we get a half-way decent response on this post, I might make this a regular column…

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Buddy Meals Contest Page

Traveling with your pet can be a bit tricky, but this month’s giveaway is designed to make your life easier. Buddy Meals is a nutritious and tasty meal for our pets when we can’t access their “regular” food. It’s simple to pack, easy to store, and a great way to prepare for any eventuality. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, boating or camping with pets, finding stray pets, or stocking your emergency kit – this is a must-have item for your car and home!

We are giving away FIVE BuddyMeals kits every day through May 12!

One lucky Grand Prize winner will win a YEAR supply of BuddyMeals – a value of more than $250!

Entering to win is simple! Just  leave us a comment answering either of these statements:

If I could take my dog anywhere with me, it would be to ________ .

I keep _________ in my emergency pet kit.

That’s it! You’ll be entered to win. Each day, we will select FIVE LUCKY WINNERS from the comments.

Want to know more about this amazing product? Check out our review or visit their website and learn about all the benefits of this product.

Remember that our regular contest terms and agreements apply. This contest is only available for US residents. Grand prize is 1 case of 52 meals. Daily winners will either receive a voucher for pick up at a local retailer OR dinner which will be mailed to them if no local retailer.

This contest begins May 2, 2011 and runs through May 12, 2011. Winners will be announced daily and the grand Prize winner will be announced on May 12, 2011 by midnight. Enter Now!

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And The Winner Is…Me!

As you know, PetsWeekly has been hosting contests throughout the year. We try to do them weekly and we try to make them easily accessible for everyone. But, earlier this year, we actually entered a contest sponsored by Good News For Pets. It was a photo/video contest and the topic was “best friends.”

Now, I enter contests all the time – but I never win. I’m one of those “buy the same numbers on a lotto ticket for 20 years, then forget one week – which happens to be the week those numbers hit” kind of people.

But we know the importance of supporting groups who offer contests (hint, hint) – so we entered. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I learned that my story and picture about two foster puppies that we had last year actually won the contest! Well, we took 6th place, but it was still good enough to win an iPad and a donation for our favorite rescue. (You can read about all the other winners here!)

The prize included a $500 matching donation to the charity of my choice.  We chose MixedUp Mutts this year because they were kind enough to sponsor our three most recent foster pups. That means, they pulled the puppies from County (under the New Hope Package, only rescues can pull high-risk dogs from shelters), they paid for all the spays/neuters, vaccination, and medical bills; and they cover any medical bills. All I needed to do is pay for their food and upkeep, which as it turns out, can get a little expensive.  But, it’s worth it. These three little ones are so amazingly intelligent and adorable, that any family in the family in the world would be lucky to have them! (Come to think of it, we’ve lucked out with all of our foster animals, but it could be that I’m a little biased…)

Our most recent fosters

The other part of the prize was a new iPad for us! Most of you know this because you keep seeing a ton of updates that say, “updated from my iPad” on Facebook. Now, here’s the karma thing: I’ve been wanting an iPad since they came out, but the money just wasn’t available. When I finally saved enough to buy one, I ended up taking in these foster puppies and as they are larger breeds, I spent what little I had on feeding the ungrateful pups!

But, just knowing I’ve helped save three innocent lives was worth it. Or at least I kept telling myself that. So winning this iPad was an amazing thing and really helped me further my belief in karma. J

Our most recent fosters had a very short, yet tragic story. They were left on the doorstep of Maricopa County Animal Control with four of their siblings when they were less than two days old. That’s right, some idiot dropped these animals off in the middle of the night, without the mother, to slowly freeze to death on New Years Eve. (I’m hoping that 2011 is particularly difficult and traumatic for that person.)

So we went down to animal control, picked up the cold pups (we could only take three, so another volunteer took the other four), brought them home and did what we could to save their lives.

All three are now healthy and happy – despite an allergic reaction to the formula we fed them. We ended up putting them on goat’s milk and they have since blossomed.

After they were all “fixed,” we put them up for adoption. One of the females was adopted by a neighbor family who fell in love with her during their frequent visits. The other two are still searching for their new home.

We wanted to send GoodNewsForPets a special thank you for sponsoring such an amazing contest! We hope you’ll swing by and visit them as well. They are a fantastic source for all the news that deals with pets. Like us, they hold a number of contests each month and in case you were wondering, this isn’t possible for either of us to do without your support.  Swing by and say hello to them, enter a contest, and help all of us do what we do best – bring you the latest in product reviews, pet news and informing readers about ways you can spoil your pets.

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Nu BowWow Puppy Kit Giveaway

March 23 is official National Puppy Day and we’re excited to help you celebrate your new adoption. NuBowWow has offered to give away 2 (two) new puppy kits ($50 value) to celebrate this special day!

Leave a comment on NuBowWow or PetsWeekly’s Facebook page answering one or more of the questions below and you can win The Puppy Starter Kit from NuBowWow.

  • What’s your favorite puppy toy?
  • What do you think should be included in a new puppy kit?
  • What’s the best puppy advice?
  • What do new puppy parents need to know to give their pup a headstart?
  • Who has the best rescue for pups?

Post your comment at any of these places for a chance to win!

Contest begins on March 22, 2011 and will run through March 28, 2011. Enter now for your chance to win! Winners will be announced on March 28, 2011.

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The Economy & Stupid Studies

Okay – I’m open minded. I like the occasional quirky study.  But the other day, I read a headline and I have to say – even I think these studies are getting ridiculous.  The study that triggered this epiphany was about dogs, and the headline was (I quote):

“Dog walkers get more exercise than most pet owners.”


What an absolutely astute finding. Honestly, did a group of podiatrists sit around a lab for years and monitor the movements of dog walkers as they traversed the steep inclines and perilous footing of dog parks?

I suppose I shouldn’t be so tough on them. I mean, podiatrists do study feet and it’s not like there’s anyone out there dying of a foot problem, right?

Maybe, then, it does make perfect sense for Time Magazine – a magazine which in its very title implies that time is fleeting and one should value every moment – I suppose it makes sense that Time would write an extensive article on the findings of this study.

It’s true.

According to Time Magazine, “A study last year from the University of Missouri showed that for getting exercise, dogs are better walking companions than humans. In a 12-week study of 54 older adults at an assisted-living home, some people selected a friend or spouse as a walking companion, while others took a bus daily to a local animal shelter, where they were assigned a dog to walk.” Etc., etc.

So – let me get this straight.. People who volunteer to walk dogs get more exercise than their 54-year-old assisted-living neighbors.

Who would have guessed the results of that study? !

On an entirely unrelated subject (not really),  I watched the news last week.  Now, I try not to make a habit of doing this as it’s generally far more depressing than I can handle, but I did watch it last week. The first thing I heard about were the dramatic budget cuts for two of my favorite things:  Education and Wildlife.

That’s right. Arizona just reduced educational funding for K-12 schools by millions. To be exact, they cut $172 million from K-12 schools, $65 million from universities and $67 million from health programs and social services. Interestingly enough, they did the same thing last year. And the year before. And… well, you get the picture.

Then there are the three bills that are targeting wildlife; wolves and other endangered species, in particular.  On February 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Budget Continuing Resolution HR 1 by a vote of 235-189. The measure now moves to the U.S. Senate for its consideration.

There are two more bills sitting in congress waiting approval and both have the power to devastate wildlife. Now, by the time I get this written, it’s entirely possible that the bills will have already passed or been thrown out, but it’s important that we know they are in existence.

One of these is SB 1392. This allows the allows the governor to enter into an interstate compact on wolves, and attempts to remove wolves from the Endangered Species list. This seems a little premature considering their are only 50 Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico.  Apparently, our government is moving backwards. The bill not only conveniently fails to consider the federal standards standards of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). You know, that’s the act that tells us we have to make decisions to PROMOTE the recovery of a species, not make it a misdemeanor (downgraded from a felony) to kill an animal that is endangered.  This passed the Senate on 3/2/11 with a vote of 21-8-1.

The second bill, HCM2002, adds insult to injury. This is the bill that tells us we have “failed” to successfully “recover” a species and therefore should just give up the ghost. That’s right. Just save a few specimens for a museum and call it a day. That happy little bill passed out of the house and now awaits Senate action.

This infuriates me. Especially when we have universities spending money on stupid polls and ridiculous research. Like how dog walkers get more exercise than non dog walkers. Or how sleeping with pets can “kill you.” (Just two years ago, the Mayo Clinic released a study about how sleeping with your pets only “disrupts your sleep” but is actually good for you). For every study that’s done, I can show you two that have come to an opposite conclusion.

Follow my logic here (what little of it there is): Colleges and universities obtain much of the funding for these stupid studies through grants. The majority of grants (millions of $ worth) come from the government. The government is funded by taxpayers. We are taxpayers. So – shouldn’t we have a say in which grants are doled out and have some sort of input on the type of projects we want funded?

I don’t know… Maybe it’s just me, but I think if we’re going to make cuts in government spending, we may want to start with these ridiculous studies and leave the budgets for our education system and wildlife alone.

But, that’s just the opinion of a lowly writer… What’s your opinion?

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MRSA (or “what my husband will do to get out of my birthday”)

For those of you who have been trying to communicate with me, you probably know that we’ve had a rather hellish month. This posting is mostly to update everyone who has an interest on how Sam (aka., “Alpha Male, Sambolina, Sam-Sam, Sammy and my husband”)  is doing and to enlighten my friends on how far he’ll go to avoid taking me to dinner and a movie on my birthday. Oh, and how much pain he’ll endure before buying me flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day! (Calm down, everyone. I’m JOKING!)

If you don’t want to read about my day, or if you’re here to read an animal post, head on over to PetsWeekly this time. We’ve got tons of great articles (hopefully one about all the presidential pets in honor of President’s Day) and some amazing reviews that are even more entertaining than normal (primarily due to my self-inflicted, sleep-deprivation experiment). However, if you’re interested in hearing more about where I’ve been, and how single-cell organisms may well take over the world, here’s the story.

Last month, my husband went into the doctor’s office for a simple cortisone shot. He left the doctor’s office with a complex case of MRSA (but we didn’t know that until 2 days – and two visits to the ER – later). For those of you who don’t know what MRSA is, allow me to enlighten you.

MRSA is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. I’m not going to pretend to understand it all, but it’s called MRSA for short and it is the “Super-Germ” of the 21st century. If I were ever going to write a zombie book (and I can pretty well guarantee that I won’t), MRSA would be at the root of the infection that creates zombies who overrun the cities, eventually resulting in the mass extinction of the human race.  (If it’s not a comet or a super volcano or hydrogen sulfide emissions from the sea, it’s gotta be a single-cell organism, right?)

I’ve learned more about MRSA than I ever care to know in the past month, but I’ll just share a few of the highlights with you here. MRSA is a staph infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics (they have to create new stuff to fight the individual virus) and it is rampant, my friends.  It is spread by direct contact with someone (or something) that has the bacteria. Then it gains entry into your body by invading through a scrape, scratch or needle.  Each time you put your hands on a grocery cart, or touch something in a doctors office (including magazines), or have a vaccination, or a cortisone shot, or get scratched while gardening, or get bit by an animal, or scrape your arm on a wall – you’re at risk. And yes, even  your pets can get this illness. It’s a non-speciest bacterium.

According to the CDC, “about 85% of all invasive MRSA infections were associated with healthcare, and of those, about two-thirds occurred outside of the hospital, while about one third occurred during hospitalization.”

And here’s another piece of scary information: In 2003-2004, approximately 29% (78.9 million persons) and 1.5% (4.1 million persons) of the U.S. population was colonized in the nose with S. aureus and MRSA respectively. (Gorwitz RJ et al. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2008;197:1226-34.)

Sam has MRSA in his shoulder. It’s taken four surgeries, ten days in the hospital, countless home nurse visits and a LOT of Vancomycin to get to a point where he is not threatened with losing his arm (or even his life).  This is how fast MRSA can take down a VERY healthy, young man in a matter of days. Hours, even.

Currently, Sam’s out of the hospital and on home care. Home Care is when a nurse comes out every two days to do a wound dressing change, and another nurse comes out twice a week to draw blood and check a PICC line, while the patient is freely allowed to terrorize his wife making silly demands for lunch and juice.

Then, each morning and each evening, I get to inject antibiotics, heparin and saline into his PICC line (more on that below). The rest of the day is spent with chores, freelancing, work and yes – PetsWeekly. On top of that, I get a quick lesson in how much Sam really spoils me, because I also get to take care of his chores, as well as the pack and the pride. We also happen to have 3 foster puppies that are now old enough to cause problems (and will be up for adoption very soon!)

But, we’re dealing well with all of this thanks largely in part to a great family and amazing friends, as well as some understanding clients. You know who you are (most of you are publicity-shy) and you have my gratitude.

The rest of this post is a little graphic (but not enough to send you screaming from the computer, I promise). It’s mostly for family and friends who have asked about the process. This is the best I can do to explain what we’re doing each day (since it’s easier to just post this and show you) and why we haven’t been too focused on returning calls. It’s also to let everyone know we’re alive and well (mostly) and to thank you all for the support you’ve offered.

It’s our hope that if we continue each of these steps twice a day for the next month, Sam will be well enough to have the original surgery and get his shoulder fixed. He will have to repair a torn labrum and some additional shoulder/rotator cuff damage that, thanks to MRSA, has gotten much worse. But, that’s down the road a few weeks.

And now, for those who asked, here is a typical day in the household right now. First, we gather all the supplies needed for ONE dose of his antibiotics. They are:

  • Alcohol swabs
  • Vancomycin Ball
  • 3 Saline vials
  • 2 Heparin vials

Next we prepare the PICC line. He has two lines in (a red and white one), both enter the top chamber of his heart, which is why he has to be really, really nice to me now.

After all the supplies are gathered and we are completely washed, sterilized and donning some handsome blue sterile gloves, I prepare a vial of saline. First I flush the line (alternating white to red each morning and evening), and then I hook up the ball of vancomycin (pictured while it’s full to our right). This drains over a period of 90 minutes or so.

Usually he sleeps and I watch anxiously to make sure I haven’t accidentally killed him. It’s very stressful to inject fluids into your hubby’s heart!

After all of the Vanco has drained, we get something that looks like this (pictured to right).

I then proceed to flush both lines with saline, then heparin. After all this is done, he usually goes to sleep and I go to write – because it’s the only thing that can really relax you after injecting five vials and a giant ball of drugs into your husband (who you adore!).

And that is how the PICC line works.

The Wound Vac is a lot easier. Every two days, a nurse comes over and changes the dressing, so I don’t have to do a thing with that. We have a really nice nurse and she tells us about her Great Dane puppies and her huge family of six kids. I can’t even imagine how she manages all of that and still works fulltime. It reminds me of my sisters who both do the same!

At any rate, all I have to do with the wound vac is help Sam unwind it because he’s forever tangling it up. The best thing about having to carry around the little machine 24/7 is that he doesn’t hog the whole bed anymore. The line keeps him tethered in one place, so – we may keep it if I have my say.

Here’s a picture of the wound vac machine he carries, and also one of the wound it’s attached too. This also helps explain why I call him Neo occasionally. (From the Matrix, remember?)

And that is why I’ve been so crazy busy lately. Neo’s going to need a lot of physical therapy to gain back the muscle he’s lost, and he’s going to be on the wound vac and antibiotics for at least 2 more weeks, but probably longer than that.

The Cog is happy though.  She gets someone to laze around with all day and best of all, the wound vac makes noise and is clear, so she can see little gobs of liquid get sucked through a hose all day.

And that is how we have spent our desert winter. We have a ways to go to complete treatment, but things are definitely looking up. Sam’s been a great patient, and as long as I pretend he’s an injured cat, I’ve been a fairly decent nurse. So bear with us as we get him better. I’ll be returning calls after I’ve spent a few days at the spa and my hubby is out of the danger zone. If you want to send food, may I recommend the chocolate-covered strawberries from Edible Creations?  (Thanks again, Mini!!)

Posted by: petsweekly | February 11, 2011

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