Posted by: petsweekly | June 6, 2011

Operation CCK9: Our Super Secret Mission

Bree is preparing for her mission

Bree is preparing for her mission

One of the best things about writing for the animal industry are the amazing adventures we get to embark upon. For the newest adventure, we’re enlisting the help of our readers to unravel what could either be a conspiracy theory of epic proportion or a pet-industry game changer – one that betters the lives of animals on a global level.

Welcome to Operation Covert Cat and K9. Or Operation: CCK9.

The File Jacket:

Operation CCK9 began for us about two weeks ago with a mysterious email…

A large corporation invited us to visit their underground lair and learn about a super secret new experiment that is in development for the pet market. They told us which flight to catch and what time to show up at the airport, and that is all we know.

This email not only piqued our curiosity, but triggered our patriotic sense of duty and we decided that we must rendezvous with our contacts at the appointed time. For the betterment of our country, of course. (Plus, it’s really hot here in Arizona, so it seems like a good time to leave.)

Your Mission: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to determine the Pack’s location and encourage our secret spy team (aka, “The Pack”) on their cloak and dagger adventure.

The Adventure:  We begin our super secret mission-journey this Wednesday and will be on the road for approximately 72 hours. However, we’ll begin posting clues about our journey as early as Tuesday.

Getting Updates:  Because it’s so secret that we don’t even know where we’ll go after reaching our destination, The Pack will be posting a series of clues on Facebook and Twitter. All of the posts relating to this mission will be tagged with a #CCK9 and/or #DogOnMission to keep it super secret.  To reply in this code, just place a #CCK9 after your post and be sure to tag us at @PetsWeekly. (You can also just leave us a comment here on our blog, but it won’t be nearly as fun. )

Brock, Bree and Cog meet secretly for the first time

Brock, Bree and the Cog meet to formulate the plan

The Pack:

The main “players” of this operation are still classified and will be disclosed on a need-to-know basis, but The Pack members of Operation CCK9  are now officially deployed and in play:

  • Briana: (aka, “Bree”) Bree will be navigating, narrating and directing The Pack on this journey. She’s a young, energetic pup but is largely unproven as a field agent. She was recruited into The Pack as a versatile hitter who doesn’t let anything (other than a treat) get in her way. While she has a history of switching allegiances mid-operation, particularly if there is a treat at stake, it’s The Pack’s hope that there will be no problems on this mission.
  • Brock:(aka, the Muscle)  Serious, confident and an Alpha pup in every sense of the word;  Brock has been recruited into The Pack as the Muscle. He will provide backup to Bree under the guise of her loyal, trustworthy brother. He was brought in for his expertise with cord-chewing, escaping undetected from any situation, and his ability to maneuver into tight places.
  • The Cog:  Kyra (aka, The Cog) is a street-smart, experienced, cool cat who was recruited into this operation specifically to watch over the two young siblings. Acting as the eyes and ears of the mission, she will use her veteran status and trick technology to oversee the operation from the safety of base camp.  As a trusted hero, we are confident she can handle any situation with the grace and uber-cool abilities of a feline superhero.
Brock camouflaged

Brock preparing his desert camouflage

Ground Rules:

  1. If you already know where we’ll be and why, please don’t spoil it for everyone else!
  2. If you think you know our final destination, you can email me your answer privately rather than post it on Facebook. If you’re correct and you’re the first to email, I’ll let you know when you can “announce” it on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you’ll all join us this week and help us uncover clues! We want everyone to have a good time and to interact with us a bit on our super secret mission. You may also get some critical information on the pet industry – we’ll have to see what we uncover and how much we’re allowed to divulge…

Thanks for being such a great pack member and for getting involved with our game! We hope it will be fun for everyone…

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