Posted by: petsweekly | April 5, 2011

And The Winner Is…Me!

As you know, PetsWeekly has been hosting contests throughout the year. We try to do them weekly and we try to make them easily accessible for everyone. But, earlier this year, we actually entered a contest sponsored by Good News For Pets. It was a photo/video contest and the topic was “best friends.”

Now, I enter contests all the time – but I never win. I’m one of those “buy the same numbers on a lotto ticket for 20 years, then forget one week – which happens to be the week those numbers hit” kind of people.

But we know the importance of supporting groups who offer contests (hint, hint) – so we entered. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I learned that my story and picture about two foster puppies that we had last year actually won the contest! Well, we took 6th place, but it was still good enough to win an iPad and a donation for our favorite rescue. (You can read about all the other winners here!)

The prize included a $500 matching donation to the charity of my choice.  We chose MixedUp Mutts this year because they were kind enough to sponsor our three most recent foster pups. That means, they pulled the puppies from County (under the New Hope Package, only rescues can pull high-risk dogs from shelters), they paid for all the spays/neuters, vaccination, and medical bills; and they cover any medical bills. All I needed to do is pay for their food and upkeep, which as it turns out, can get a little expensive.  But, it’s worth it. These three little ones are so amazingly intelligent and adorable, that any family in the family in the world would be lucky to have them! (Come to think of it, we’ve lucked out with all of our foster animals, but it could be that I’m a little biased…)

Our most recent fosters

The other part of the prize was a new iPad for us! Most of you know this because you keep seeing a ton of updates that say, “updated from my iPad” on Facebook. Now, here’s the karma thing: I’ve been wanting an iPad since they came out, but the money just wasn’t available. When I finally saved enough to buy one, I ended up taking in these foster puppies and as they are larger breeds, I spent what little I had on feeding the ungrateful pups!

But, just knowing I’ve helped save three innocent lives was worth it. Or at least I kept telling myself that. So winning this iPad was an amazing thing and really helped me further my belief in karma. J

Our most recent fosters had a very short, yet tragic story. They were left on the doorstep of Maricopa County Animal Control with four of their siblings when they were less than two days old. That’s right, some idiot dropped these animals off in the middle of the night, without the mother, to slowly freeze to death on New Years Eve. (I’m hoping that 2011 is particularly difficult and traumatic for that person.)

So we went down to animal control, picked up the cold pups (we could only take three, so another volunteer took the other four), brought them home and did what we could to save their lives.

All three are now healthy and happy – despite an allergic reaction to the formula we fed them. We ended up putting them on goat’s milk and they have since blossomed.

After they were all “fixed,” we put them up for adoption. One of the females was adopted by a neighbor family who fell in love with her during their frequent visits. The other two are still searching for their new home.

We wanted to send GoodNewsForPets a special thank you for sponsoring such an amazing contest! We hope you’ll swing by and visit them as well. They are a fantastic source for all the news that deals with pets. Like us, they hold a number of contests each month and in case you were wondering, this isn’t possible for either of us to do without your support.  Swing by and say hello to them, enter a contest, and help all of us do what we do best – bring you the latest in product reviews, pet news and informing readers about ways you can spoil your pets.


  1. So awesome!

    Good choice with the donation–and those pups really are amazing. You’ve done a great job!

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