Posted by: petsweekly | October 29, 2010

Why Dogs Hate Halloween

Halloween has never been what I would call a “kind” holiday.  For this reason, it’s VERY important to keep your pets safe during the days before and after October 31. Far too many animals “disappear” or worse, have been found mutilated or injured. Most pets either spend most of the night trying to climb in your lap or attacking the door each time someone rings the bell.

Check out this handy list of advice on what to avoid this holiday and what you need to look out for. There’s even a “chocolate toxicity” chart in there, as well as the two most important commands your dog should know, and some alternatives to putting candles in jack-o-lanterns (maybe saving your house in the process)!  Things for Pets to Avoid During Halloween

And just for fun, here is another reason why dogs hate Halloween…

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