Posted by: petsweekly | October 13, 2010

Rants, Burns, Spelling & Radio

Today I don’t feel good. I have some kind of flu and its given me a headache and a stomachache, and I have about a gazillion projects to finish before the end of the week.  So I’m doing what writers do – that is,  reposting Facebook posts and retweeting tweets and watching YouTube videos  and writing a blog post – basically, the things I don’t have to do and really shouldn’t be doing.

But, that’s okay. I’m a professional. The work will get done – it always does. I’ll end up pulling a few all-nighters, whining to my hubby about how I’m unappreciated, guilt him into cooking dinner, and then make it all up to him in a few days when I’m not feeling like crap.

But, let’s get back to the task at hand, namely my rant, so I can get back to work.

Chemical Burns: First off, chemical burns seem to be taking the lead on animal abuse these days. I’ve got a few choice words for the people doing this to animals – none of which can be repeated here… I don’t know who’s doing it. I wish I did – because I would love a few minutes with these idiots  in a dark alley. (Please note that I’ll be well-armed with plenty of unique devices designed specifically to bring about excruciating pain. That was your fair warning.)

To the people who are not turning these idiots in – well, in my opinion – you’re no better than they are. If you can stand by with the knowledge that someone is doing this to an animal or person, then you can stand by on everything else in life. You’re just as sick and twisted and a waste of space as the people doing this. For God’s sake – at the very least, turn them in for the reward.

Spelling: Now, I hate to put this in the same entry as the topic above, but it’s really bugging me. Folks – learn to spell. I don’t care if you’re texting, typing or using a pen/pencil. It’s not tough. See that little “red underline” on your screen? That means you screwed up. You spelled something wrong. Here’s a hint – right click and it will automatically correct it for you – yes, even on Facebook and Twitter. If your post won’t fit into the spaces allowed by Twitter, rewrite it until it does…

Radio: Somehow, I got roped into doing a pet radio show to discuss the series True Blood. I’m not sure how I’m even qualify to talk about True Blood, but it’s happening tomorrow. Somehow, I need to find a connection between pets and shape-shifters. Is it really terrible that I have every confidence I’ll be able to pull it off?

I’ll post the link to the podcast so you can listen to me make a fool out of myself.

We’ll be back later with something more valid to talk about. Maybe something about the dangers of keeping wild animals as pets, or why we should take naps more often than recommended, or why I’m listening to more Nirvana than normal.

Who knows? The sky is the limit when it comes to personal blogs…


  1. Hey. I’m a chemist, girlfriend. You find those chemical burn guys and I’ll show them some chemistry they’ll never forget.

    And spelling? HA! My fantasy is to get a shotgun and go around the planet shooting out all the extraneous apostrophe’s … oops… apostrophes in all the signs on all the buildings, in all the books, posters, emails, texts, websites, YOU NAME IT! There wouldn’t be much left of this world if my fantasy came true.

    And one thing good about radio… if you screw up, at least they won’t know what you look like, and you won’t get pies in your face. I’m sure you were fantabulous. And maybe we can give a little credit to the Bite Me crème. ❤

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