Posted by: petsweekly | September 16, 2010

SuperZoo (or lack thereof)

Greetings Pack!

Well, today I’m just writing a whiny post because… Well, because I can. That’s the beauty of being the pack leader. I get to post what I want, when I want. As long as it’s in my blog and not on the main site, I can pretty much do anything!

Today I’m grumpy because instead of being at SuperZoo in Las Vegas with all the rest of my pack, I’m stuck at home with a very sore back. The Vegas trip to Superzoo is one of my great pleasures in life. It’s like Christmas for animal-loving people. It’s one of the places where I get to meet all the amazing people who have created brilliant products and services for our pets. I get to see all the latest gadgets for pets and their pack, the newest products on the market, and the greatest foods and snacks for pets. I get tons of great samples, all things that I can bring to you, my pack, for evaluation.

And this year, I couldn’t go.

I’d planned too. I had everything arranged for a really long drive. It’s abut 16 hours round trip if you count the time you have to wait in line for construction to finish up at the Hoover Dam. I had to drive because I was taking stuff up for friends I was meeting, and you know what it’s like to get things on board a plane.

But, my back was acting up (again) and the doc (and my husband) didn’t really feel it would be a great idea for me to do a 16 hr drive on my own for only about 10 hours of playtime.

Sooo. Here I am. Home with the pack and Pride, writing the whiny blog…

Don’t worry. We’ve made arrangements to have samples shipped here, and we’ll still be bringing you the best new stuff with lots of contests coming up soon. Our human pack is going to get along without us at the show (but I’m sure they’re almost completely unable to function without us there).

But, it’s still very frustrating….

More later. I’m going to go scream at the toaster for taking WAY too long to do it’s ONE job, which is to toast bread. I’ll probably retreat into my tiny tomb-like office and work on the many reviews I’m already behind on.

And next year, I’m going to just ship everything and fly up…

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