Posted by: petsweekly | July 6, 2010

People Pounding on my Door – UGH!

A silly little poetic rant (apologies in advance – poetry is not my strength) for all the unwanted solicitors who come by each weekend and pound on my door. No, it’s not animal-related unless you count the fact that my animals are on high alert for any intruders! Cheiss attacks boxes and tears them to pieces, the Cog lurks by the door ready to make a quick escape, and the other cats go into immediate hiding, too shy to really do anything but jump under the furniture.

Beware solicitors! I’m going to buy an underground electric fence that will shock you when you step off the sidewalk. Now if I could figure out a way to make you all wear a collar, which will trigger the fence…

And of course  I’ll need some type of exception collar for Fedex, UPS and flower deliveries!

People pounding on my door
Politicians, Realtors
“Sell your home” and “Vote for Me”
I won’t do either, don’t you see?

If I’m at home throughout the day
I’m hard at work, can’t come and play
Under deadline, must concentrate
To talk with you will make me late

Then you knock and my dogs bark
The cats all run, my mind grows dark
I have to stop, see what you want
And interrupt my writing jaunt!

It’s dangerous in this age and day
To open doors – becoming prey
Even with my giant dogs
Even with my scary “Cog”

People pounding on my door
Stop pounding, disperse – come round no more
I ask you all to just desist…
Or next time you will see me pissed!


  1. Love it! Went to ACE today and bought a NO SOLICITING sign. Best $1.99 I’ve spent in a while!

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