Posted by: petsweekly | January 29, 2009

Breed Ban Alert: Hawaii

This was just released from the WWPIA. If you’re in Hawaii or can write a note to their local government, please do so. It’s not the breed – it’s the owners that create problems with these dogs. ————————————————————————

PIJAC Pet Alert: Hawaii Introduces Pit Bull Ban
and Dog Tethering Restrictions

Hearing For SB 30 Set For Friday, Jan. 30Two pieces of legislation affecting the pet industry have been introduced in Hawaii. Senate Bill 79 would make it a misdemeanor to own, possess or sell a pit bull in Hawaii, and Senate Bill 30 restricts the tethering of a dog to certain structures, and provides a list of acceptable tethering devices, standards and exemptions.

PIJAC finds breed-specific laws such as this inappropriate and unnecessary, and pet tethering legislation such as this is popping up in many states.

For more information from the Pet Information Joint Advisory Council, click here or visit the Breaking News page at

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