Posted by: petsweekly | January 20, 2009

Mexican Wolf Fatalities Still Problem in AZ

Wolf and cub

Wolf and cub

The Arizona Game and Fish department released their weekly update today and it has been discovered that the fatality level in Mexican Wolf program continue to be a problem.

Unlawful killings of Mexican wolves continue to be a significant concern. A summary of all wild mortalities (natural and unnatural) will be included in the Project’s 2008 Annual Report, which will be completed by late April 2009. Suffice to say for now that several unlawful killings were documented in 2008, and another possible killing in January 2009 is being investigated right now. Earlier this month, USFWS announced that a lengthy and painstakingly careful investigation in New Mexico culminated in early January 2009 with the US Attorney in New Mexico agreeing to prosecute a ranch caretaker in southern New Mexico for illegally shooting a wolf. Hopefully, confirmation that the wheels of justice might grind slowly but they do grind to a conclusion will serve as a disincentive for future killings, although it apparently did not for the most recent incident.

Learn how you can help save this noble creature that we have all but ravaged from our existence. If you know of anyone who has injured or is threatening to injure, a wolf, please report the incident immediately to 911 and the AZ Game and Fish department. Shooting, injuring or harassing a wolf is ILLEGAL in Arizona and the person(s) responsible will be subject to prosecution and/or heavy fines.

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