Posted by: petsweekly | January 13, 2009

Two Men Shot Over Dog

This Arizona story was just released from the AP and I’m not sure how to comment on it  because I can see both sides..

It appears as though a man was angry about a neighbor’s dog coming onto his property repeatedly to “try and bite him”. (Okay – so at this point, the two guys who owned the dog should have restrained it, but they didn’t).

The neighbor shot and killed the dog.

When the two neighbors came over with a 2×4 to “avenge the dog’s murder” (and I can’t begrudge them that, but they should have kept the dog restrained and as much as I would like to beat someone who killed my dog, I’m not sure it’s the best reaction), the neighbor who shot the dog, then shot and killed both men who threatened him.

First off, this guy seems to be a little trigger happy.  Secondly, can’t we just all be responsible pet owners? Thirdly, if two guys walked into my house with a 2×4 to beat me, I guess I’d shoot them as well. Finally, this story just sort of puts me on both sides of the fence and I guess I would just like to hear any comments from readers?

Anyway – he’s in jail on 2nd degree murder charges, and a 20 year old and a 44-year-old are now dead. Along with their dog.

Well, I can’t think of too much more to say on this article… Comments?

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