Posted by: petsweekly | December 30, 2008

Mixed Reactions in Phx Police Forum over Cat

Cat Stuck in Phoenix Police Officers Tree

Cat Stuck in Phoenix Police Officers Tree

As if we don’t have enough problems in the world today, we now have a local police officer who refuses to allow a neighbor to rescue his cat from a tree on the officer’s property.

People wonder why I have high blood pressure. This is one of the reasons. Idiot people who are striving to make life MORE difficult for their neighbors, especially police officers who make life more difficult. While I am hoping this is not the norm for all police, this officer in particular is causing a lot of problems that could be easily avoided and maybe even bring some much-needed “good press” to the Phoenix Police Department.

Instead, he has chosen to not only further his department’s crumbling “animal” reputation over a seemingly small matter, he has taken the law into his own hands and refused to let anyone on to his property to get this poor kitty out of the tree.

I don’t care that the cat “trespassed” onto his property. Sucks to be him, but it’s not illegal. I do hope the owners will keep the kitty inside if they do get their favorite feline home safely, but in the event  they do not (and at this point, even if they do), I would be levelling animal cruelty charges against this “official” neighbor.

Meanwhile, it’s my hope that the Phoenix Police take matters into their department and help this cat help out. Then again, if they can’t keep their dogs alive, what’s to motivate them to keep any other being alive?

Mixed reactions in Police Forum

For more info: Click to read more about the police officer’s initial statement and the subsequent fallout in the police officer forum.

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