Posted by: petsweekly | November 25, 2008

Puppy Post – Day 10

Today the puppies are 13 days old, as near as I can tell, anyway. I know that we have had them since the Sunday before last, which puts us at Day 10, and I believe they were around 3 days old when we got them. They still haven’t opened their eyes, so I’m hoping all is well with them. Yesterday, the vet rechecked them and didn’t see any problems, so that’s a good thing.

Jake, The Pup

Jake, The Pup

Jasper, the Pup

Jasper, the Pup

They are still down with pneumonia, but it certainly hasn’t effected their appetite. They are wolfing down the formula at the rate of a bottle every 2 hours. We began putting some rice cereal (the kind you give human babies) into the mix, and this seems to fill them a little more. They are gaining weight at the rate of one ounce per puppy, per day!

Right now, they have started developing features that make them look more like dogs. Their ears are floppier, they have longer noses, and their tummies are bigger. They’ve grown about 3-4 inches since we took them in as fosters.

They still can’t do much, although they are getting much more adept at walking and climbing. We just got a new carrier in for review and these will be the new ones we try it out on! We’ll let you know how it works out. So far, we love it! More on the carrier this week.

Finally, the pups HATE the antibiotics. I swear, it’s just like getting a little kid to take their medicine only little humans will listen to you after awhile. These two are still blind and deaf and wouldn’t listen to me anyway. But, they’re cuteness factor more than makes up for it.

And now, I may try to get a nap in… Right after I feed these guys (again)…

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