Posted by: petsweekly | November 22, 2008

Puppy Pneumonia.. :(

Yep, puppies get pneumonia. Well, I kind of knew that, but still…. Now our little fosters have “Aspiration Pneumonia”. This is a result of me being incompetent as a caretaker, but hey – I’m new at the “Puppy Raising” thing…

I have, however, realized the error of my ways and after taking them into the vet’s for antibiotics (Amoxicillian, which the tan one HATES), and obtaining an actual baby bottle, they are already doing much better. The white thing that looks like a maxipad is actually a “heater”, the kind you put on your neck or back. This is another neat trick we have found. In addition to putting them into a room without drafts, we have an electric blanket under their box (on low setting 24/7) and to be sure they are extra cozy, we stick the neck warmers around the box.

Foster Pups Nov 22, 2008

Foster Pups Nov 22, 2008

Tricks We’ve Learned
Here’s a little trick for all you fosters out there. Don’t spend money on the bottles you get at pet stores, as they are largely inefficient. We are using a Playtex Ventaire, which is perfect for the pups. The bottle vents excess air itself, is curved and has a larger nipple for easy puppy suckling.

Wow… Never thought I would be talking about nursing anything… I’m just VERY happy that it deals with puppies and not humans. 🙂

In regards to the pneumonia, these are the symptoms you want to watch for and trust me when I say that you need to get them into the vet the hour you start noticing them. Luckily, we caught in time and they are doing beautifully… Yay!

Symptoms can vary, but generally you’ll see a pup “blow milk” through it’s nose while feeding. This is your first clue. The next one is a heavy “wheezing”, that sounds like he’s breathing fluid. It’s very similar to what bronchitis sounds like in ourselves. Next, the pup may stop eating, may whine or cry a lot and be unable to sleep due to the breathing. (We never got to that point, but if you do, you need to reevaluate your priorities and get this pup to a vet.)

Bottom line is that they are sounding MUCH better, we’re due for a followup on Monday, and we have every hope that these two will recover quickly and live long, very happy lives!

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