Posted by: petsweekly | November 20, 2008


Tonight (midnight) is the first AZ viewing of the movie, Twilight. While I’m not much of a midnight “crowd” person, and I have two puppies to keep fed every 2 hrs, I won’t be hitting the premiere. I’m excited about it anyway.

I know it has no possible hope of living up to the book, no movie really can. But, I’m still anxious to see it. This was, after all, the book that got me over my insane fear of vampires. Never thought that a vegetarian vampire would be possible. So, my gratitude goes to Meyers for a work well done.

The book also inspired one I’m writing. Okay, mine is definitely not a “teen” book, but 70k words into it, I am seeing that it might still hold some interest to that crowd. I guess time will tell… It may not even get a second look from anyone and never see the light of day. But, that is the risk we take as writers and Alex, my character, has made it clear she has a story to tell regardless. Even if I’m the only one who ever reads it.

In honor of the opening, here’s a clip from one of the soundtrack songs in Twilight. And Stephanie – best of luck with new writing endeavors. It’s my hope you change your mind and bring back the Cullens…

Beyond The Video: Decode

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