Posted by: petsweekly | October 11, 2008

Obama Agrees to Adopt, Not Buy

The wife of US presidential candidate Barack Obama has pledged on the TV show`Entertainment Tonight’ that her family will be adopting a dog from a shelter as soon as the campaigning is over.

The Obamas have been widely known to be on the look out for a dog and a pitched battle broke out between various groups who were keen to extol the virtues of particular breeds or types of dogs for the would-be president and his family to consider.

The American Kennel Club ran an online survey asking its supporters which breed the Obamas should acquire whislt welfare organisations chipped in with advice for the most powerful man in the world (elect) to consider a shelter dog.

American presidents have a long history of dog ownership and Mr Obama is sure to have won over some new friends with his decision to adopt a ‘Great American Mutt’.

You don’t have to a president (or American) to adopt a dog. Just visit and you too can follow the lead of a man who is sure to know a thing or two about making the right decisions.

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