Posted by: petsweekly | October 4, 2008

NY Times and PetsWeekly

Greetings fellow pack members!

PetsWeekly is proud to announce that they were referenced in a NY Times article from Abby Ellin, entitled “Sorry Fido – It’s a Guy Thing“. (

What a fun article to be included in! The “Guys and Cats” thing is not a new phenomenon as you all know, but many believe that it is. We, of course, advocate guys (and girls) being owned by all manner of creatures, not JUST cats and dogs!

Just to be clear, we also want to state that we do NOT agree with the authors statement that you can “leave cats alone for days at a time.”  Cats, like dogs, need lots of time with their families and require a pet sitter if you’re going to be gone for any length of time!

We do, however, agree with the author that the numbers of men who are kept by cats are on the rise and that this phenomenon is just about the coolest (and sexiest) trend that we know of!

So, all you guys out there who think that men and cats don’t belong together, never fear. Run out and adopt a new feline friend. If you’re confident in your masculinity, “evolved” enough to realize that it’s great training for marriage,  and secure enough in your life, a new furry feline may be just what you need!

For some more fun, meet a few guys who love cats in our article, “Men and The Cats Who Love Them” published by Cat Fancy (Cat Channel) in early September.  And all of you men coming out of the cat closet, definitely take a moment to drop us a note or comment and let us know how much your furry friend contributes to your life!

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