Posted by: petsweekly | June 22, 2008

The Good Life – New Feature in Cat Fancy

Cat Fancy just published my newest article, “The Good Life” and I hope you can all check out this month’s issue (which is actually the July issue and is on shelves now). It’s a fun feature about luxury travel with, you guessed it – your cat! We are the first article in the magazine (again, ahem!) and it’s all about the Top Ten Luxury Resorts for You and Your Pet!

Special thanks to Firesky Resort for the time they let us spent there with Vegas, and a special thanks to Kelly for the loan of her beautiful, VERY well-behaved husky/Malamute dog. Hopefully the relaxing massage helped him out.

You all can check out the photos here:

If you can’t afford to buy the magazine, you can view a VERY abbreviated version of it at:

Can’t wait for next month! We’ve got another feature on the CEO of Kimpton Resorts who has made traveling with our favorite felines really easy.

Cat Fancy August

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