Posted by: petsweekly | October 3, 2007

SuperZoo 2007 Pet Trends

Greetings Fellow Pack Members!

We have finally returned from the SuperZoo trade show – and what a show it was! There were companies there from the world round and we met many of our friends in person (a quick hello to Dale from FullPetential, Theresa from PupGear, Jonathon from SmartCats, Rick from Canine Covers,

I’ve had a lot of questions on the newest pet trends for the year, and since returning from SuperZoo, we can tell you a few things. The trends at the show seemed to focus on pets being a family member, rather than “just a pet.” This would include a large movement towards ensuring that pets are dressed correctly (complete with jewelry and custom carriers), taking them to the spa rather than just getting them groomed, being certain that they are eating and drinking out of only the best handcrafted, personalized bowls and consuming all natural pet food that is manufactured in the U.S.

Other products included high-tech toys that stimulate all five of our pets senses, strollers (so your pets don’t even have to walk), a diaper bag for pet parents, and even wigs for your pet. Yep – wigs. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to see for yourself!

We also made some fun new friends! If you get time, check out some of these great companies: Thushara from ZooMed, Brandon and Micah from Oxbow, Chantel from Merry Products, Laird from Azoo Palm Aquariums, Cristen from Innovative Pet Therapy, Keith from NextWave, Grant and Ming from Yumin, Bob from ChillyBuddy and Jim from JelliQuarium.

This was a great show and I highly recommend everyone go if they are given the opportunity. As for us, well we will have a whole slew of neat reviews for all species coming up and we can’t wait to show you! Many of these products will also be given away in weekly contests and I really hope you all participate! It will be a great way to win some fantastic gifts for your pets!

Purrs and Soft Growls,


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