Posted by: petsweekly | September 15, 2007

Foxes and Coyotes and Wolves, oh my…

Recently something happened to one of my very good friends’ kitty. Maia, in Canada (who runs her own great website and has redesigned my website) recently had her cat attacked by a fox! Yep – poor Sacha was on the receiving end of something bigger than him. But, that’s nto the only danger in the outdoors. I once had a beagle puppy picked up by a hawk (or owl, we’re not sure), there are countless stories of dogs and cats being drug off by coyotes and wolves. Rattlesnakes and scorpions haunt the South and West, while badgers and wolverines haunt the North and East. It’s a cruel world out there. But, back to Maia’s experience.
Like me, Maia has to let her cats outside. Mostly because she has a few that are so wily and unruly that she (like I) have no choice but to let them out or they will destroy the house, and eventually attack us in our sleep. Personally, I’ve been trying to convert some ex-feral cats into indoor cats, which is the equivalent of converting a Mormon to Buddhism. It’s not an easy thing to do, but I’m determined to try.

The problem with outdoor cats who are determined to stay outdoors is that they are either so wild that we don’t have much of a choice, or they are so independent that they eclipse even our stubbornness. So – we do what we can. I know a lot of our readers have the same problem and while we do want to fix the issue, there isn’t much we can do at this point. (Suggestions? Post them below)

To begin, be sure to get them microchipped (no, it doesn’t cause a tumor). Microchipped cats when found are scanned and returned to owners. Non-microchipped cats are destroyed. Be sure to keep tags on them, secured with a breakaway collar, even if you do have them chipped. If the Dept of Transportation is called out to pick up a cat, they won’t bother scanning. If they have tags, they’ll at least try to reach you. And yes, I know the problems with both methods of ID, but it’s still better to give it a shot than to not even try… Who knows? You may get lucky and have your cat returned to you. If not, you know you made an effort.

As we try to figure out how to solve this problem, we end up doing a lot of first aid on our pets. So – I wanted to send you a few helpful tips on how to help your cat, as well as how to keep them indoors.

First aid for Pets: You can download a free “emergency Treatment for Pets” guide at in the “download Road” section. Post this someplace you and your family can easily find it – like the refrigerator – and be sure that you get them to the veterinarian as soon as humanly possible if anything does happen.

Bandaging Pets: Bandaging pets is a tough thing and it’s hard to tell if you’re doing it right, so online we have found a guide that will tell you all about it. Check out: Millpledge Veterinary – this site offers illustrated guides on how to properly bandage all of your pets appendages.

Diagnosis System: Interested in learning more about all species of pets? Check out Cornell’s wonderful tool that helps you diagnose your pet’s ailments based on symptoms and species.

Hints and Tools to Keep Your Cats Contained

1. Ready-Made Options: There are lots of “ready-made” things you can do to keep your pet in an outdoor, enclosed area. Always remember to provide a safe way back into the house and plenty of shade, food and water. Here are a few things that we use:

Hope these idea help! And if you have other ideas, just let us know – we’ll get them posted! Until Thursday – when our next update hits – we’ll try to get some more posts blogged. But we’re headed to the SuperZoo show to find the latest and greatest in all pet products come Tuesday, so bear with us as we continue our quest to become “Your Source for All Things Pet…



  1. Thanks for all those great suggestions! 🙂 Sacha’s probably going to get microchipped at our next vet visit. And so will the kittens. That will keep my mind at peace…

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